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Yours Sincerely

Paul Hillbrick

Hillbrick frame 2002

HI Paul,


Attached is the Custom built Hillbrick 2002

This was fitted to me by John Beasley with the frame you have built.

Since owing it, I have dome 4 times Around the Bay in a Day, 3 Brisbane to Gold Coast. The bike still strong and feel like new.

One of our former employee who was a writer for Ride Magazine had a look at the bike and the tig weld and lugs, he  said to me “ this bike will still be around long after we all gone”

Thank you f or a perfect fit bike. I could not be happier





Fantastic roadie

G'day Paul,

I had you make me a custom steel road frame about 10 years ago and it's still going strong and I love riding it.

At the time I had you paint it identical to my old bike so I could sneak it past the wife. I've since divorced the bitch and have no need to hide the fact I have a fantastic HILLBRICK roadie.

I was wondering if you had any decals that I could get off you and place on the frame to proudly display my steed?


Name witheld

Many Thanks

Hi Paul,

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m loving the new bike. It took me a few rides to get used to it but now I’m keeping up with my ride buddies or I’m in front of them. And it looks great.

Many thanks


Hillbrick Bikes Across America

ImageHi Paul,
Two and a half years ago you made me a frame while I was working in Lennox Head, NSW. I have ridden the bike with great delight, and have had many favorable comments on it.

I recently went on a bike trip in the (state of) Colorado Rocky Mountains. We rode 525 miles and climbed 36,000 feet during a six day period. On the fourth day (June 21, the first day of summer), we went over Independence Pass, climbing 4200 feet in 19 miles to an elevation of over 12,000 feet.

The bike performed marvelously. Attached is a photo you may use, delete, or file as you wish.


Ryan Bayley Special

I recently purchased a Ryan Bayley Special. I had breaks put on and an 18 tooth cog on the freewheel side of the hub.
I can't rave about this bike enough. I just love it. Very stiff, strong and wonderfully responsive.
Changing it slightly to a single speed roadie might not be the desired use but it is the only bike that feels like an extension of me rather than a bike to ride.

Cheers David

Very happy customer

I came to Paul with a long list of characteristics that I wanted in a bike, not least value for money. Paul listened and guided me through tubing, positioning and component choices with patience and honesty. I believe that Paul respected me, a ?C Grade punter' as much as he would have a pro.

Once on the road I am absolutely wrapped with the package that Paul and Matt have given me, every time I tackle a new challenge on the bike it does exactly what I hoped it would. Last night I raced my first club crit on it and came in a respectable fifth and I definitely noticed the way the bike behaved.

It was the first time I've ever been able to sustain an effort on the drops which affirms that it fits just right. And for the first time in four years of road cycling, my knees have stopped hurting, oh yeah and ?steal is real'!

Paul and Matt, thanks heaps.

Matt A.C.T. (Very happy customer)

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