Hire 4 Bike Trailer

Hire 4 bike enclosed trailer

Hire 4 bike enclosed trailer

Size: 1800 x 1200 x 500    
Height: 1100mm    
Length: 3.0 Metres    
Capacity: 4 bikes      
Features: 60 & 20 litre water tank capacity
  4 x 2 power points with safety cut out.
  Extra storage boxes.  
  Airline capacity.    
  Fuel container storage.  
  raised leaf springs  
  Hinged lid with unistrut roof bars.
  Spare wheel     
  Jack and wheel brace  
  Spare wheel hub.    
Chargable Extras:      
  Height adjustable Hayman Reece ball
  20 amp power cord  
  20 litres Fuel    



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